On Tuesday night, Donald Trump spoke about supporting working families.

But his words do not match his actions.

In the past year, President Trump has repeatedly tried to repeal Obamacare and rip away health care coverage from millions of Americans. He passed a shameful tax scam that gives massive tax breaks to the wealthy while raising taxes on millions of middle class families. And now, he’s even standing by as his fellow Republicans threaten to cut Medicare and Social Security.

Senate Democrats are fighting back against each and every one of his attacks on working families -- and as chair of the DSCC, I’m grateful to have you in our corner fighting alongside us.

And I know that the best way to stop the disastrous Trump-GOP agenda for good is to flip the Senate majority in 2018.

It won’t be easy -- we have 26 Senate seats to defend, including 10 in states Trump won. But we also have amazing challengers like Jacky Rosen in Nevada and Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona -- and we have an incredible community of grassroots supporters like you.

Thank you for all your support before the FEC deadline and for everything you’ll do in the months ahead to elect Senate Democrats.

Senator Chris Van Hollen
DSCC Chair