Under Betsy DeVos’ Department of Education (DOE), campus sexual assault survivors are on their own.

Just last week DeVos met with misogynistic "men’s rights groups" and rape deniers about weakening Title IX protections for campus sexual assault survivors.1 That’s not all. DeVos has also appointed Candice Jackson – an anti-feminist activist who publicly doubts women who report sexual assault – to run the DOE’s investigations of schools that fail to properly handle reports of sexual violence. This is beyond appalling.



Betsy DeVos selected Candice Jackson to be the acting head of the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights, circumventing the Senate's confirmation process by choosing her to be the deputy assistant secretary of the office and not yet nominating someone to head the department. Jackson is an outspoken anti-feminist who claimed that she faced racial discrimination as a white woman at Stanford.

The Office of Civil rights at the DoE has the mission of protecting students from discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, age, and ability. Looking at Jackson's history, she's a terrible pick to be heading up this department. While at Stanford, in addition to contending that she was discriminated against, she wrote passionately against affirmative action for students of color. In the same publication, the Stanford Review, she wrote a different article promoting conservativism over feminism. And while she has advocated for victims of sexual assault in the past, she cast aspersions against the women who bravely came out and said that they were assaulted by Donald Trump.