Get ready for the 2018 election!

Democrats need to start taking elected seats back. Why not start with the Board of Education of Harford County?

One member of the Board of Education will be elected from each of the six Councilmanic Districts.

Persons may run for office regardless of the political affiliation but must be a registered voter. Terms are for four years. All six members are up for reelection.

What are some of the things needed to be a good Board of Education candidate?

1.    Keep a closer look at how each Board member votes on important issues. If you can’t attend the meetings go on line and watch the video recordings.

2.    It’s not enough just to be a business man or former educator, it is important to know how to build a budget in the millions.

3.    Study the different outcomes of building a budget incrementally and one that is zero based. Know the difference. Read the Harford County Audit Office report on the proposed school system budgets.

4.    Be prepared to ask the difficult questions. Explore educational alternatives and budget proposals before voting.

5.    Understand that a good board member serves to guide the administration not follow it.

6.    Help the school administration develop new approaches to obtaining more parental and citizen support.

7.    Place a higher value on the people who deliver the educational program to students, THE TEACHERS, than the people who do their work outside the classroom.

8.    Avoid being parochial. While you run for office in a Councilman District, Board members must look at the educational needs of all of the students.


Filing Begins:                   Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Filing Deadline:                Tuesday, February 27, 2018 by 9:00 PM

Withdraw Deadline:         Thursday, March 1, 2018 by 4:30 PM