Allison Galbraith, is now a member of the anti-corruption coalition! Allison's progressive platform focuses on healthcare as a right, environmental protection, and education.

"The government will not put people first until we get big money out of politics. We must overturn Citizens United, prohibit politicians from raising funds from interests they regulate, and limit campaign contributions and fundraising activities by lobbyists."

From the orchards of Carroll County to the farms and trotlines of the Eastern Shore, anyone who has ever traveled across Maryland’s first district knows that it is not like other districts. Allison is ready to tackle our unique challenges and fight for working families and small businesses—not special interests.

I’m running for Congress because I believe in listening to the people and making decisions based on the right solutions for our district, not based on whatever the party line is.

I was born and raised in here in Maryland’s First District.

Today I lead a company that helps Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) win federal Department of Defense, Veterans' Affairs, and Health and Human Services contracts.

Previously, I was a DoD contractor working under 1- and 2-star generals in information systems, medical programs, and billion dollar quick reaction capability programs. These programs were primarily related to chemical and biological defense, but also related to intelligence, electronic warfare systems, the Defense Health Agency, and Veterans Affairs. Having been married to an Army Veteran, my goal is always to help deliver the best possible capabilities to our Service-members, as quickly as possible, while ensuring the most responsible use of our taxpayer dollars.

During my time working in the DoD and as an advisor helping veteran-owned businesses win federal contracts, I developed new approaches to serious challenges and learned how to navigate the process of driving change inside the government.

Through this process, I learned the greatest power in driving change is a single question: “What matters the most to you?” If you don’t know what matters to the people you’re working for, you’ll never be able to consistently make the right decisions.

It’s with that spirit that I will bring my experience and my energy to fight for you and for the rest of the First District.


Currently Running for
US Representative for Maryland District 1 


• Allison was born and raised in Bel Air, MD, growing up in one of the town’s many historic properties

• Allison is one of four children raised by two college professors. Her mother was a nurse turned educator her father taught English & Spanish at Harford Community College for 45 years.

• Allison graduated from Bel Air High School, Harford Community College, and University of Maryland, College Park, where she received a bachelors in Philosophy. 

• Allison's graduate coursework at the University of Maryland is in public management and policy. Allison holds professional certificates in FDA regulatory affairs, Program Management, FDA Good Manufacturing Processes, Life Cycle Logistics, and Test and Evaluation 

• Allison understands the difficulties many face in caring for their aging parents, and the hard decisions that often entails. Allison’s mother passed away in March 2017 after being in poor health for several years. 

• Allison was married for ten years to a U.S. Army veteran and helicopter mechanic, from whom she is now amicably separated. They live in the same school district and work together to raise their amazing son, Ben.

• Allison and her family lost insurance for a time in 2009 and while Ben was able to be covered under MCHIP, Allison had to buy expensive private market insurance to remain covered. Thanks to Obamacare, Allison was able to launch her own business, confident her and her son's healthcare needs would be met.