Harford County will be out of the waste to energy business when the Edgewood plant closes. What does that mean to our recycling efforts, what will be the cost, both in dollars and effects on our environment.


Funding is always an issue in Harford County, but what is the effect on our students. Are we getting the best bang for the buck? Are there enough bucks? Are the bucks being wasted? All questions that need to be asked.


Highway funds

After 10 years and a quarter of a billion dollars for studies and planning, our new Republican governor killed Baltimore City’s proposed Red Line light rail, calling it a “boondoggle.” He then took whatever was in the pipeline for that project and sent itto  areas outside the Baltimore Metro area. Harford County gets zilch. And Harford county voted for him. 

Public Transportation

It’s obvious the governor has no love for public transit. So don’t expect much for MARC and the county’s bus system. MARC is heavily used by Harford commuters and probably would do better if there were more service. Our county system is woefully inadequate, but the only people affected are those who can’t afford a car or can’t drive. Improvements are not on the horizon.

These are just a few of the issues facing Harford county residents over the next four years and how to deal with them will be the focus of Democratic party efforts. 



There is more to an election than deciding who will hold elective office. When you vote for candidates you are also voting on our future. Those who control our local, county and state governments not only control where and on what our tax dollars will be spent, they will also decide who sits on the various commissions and committees that influence how and where we live, work and play.

Because Democratic voters failed to turn out in sufficient number to elect our candidates, those decisions will be made by Republicans who have shown little or no regard for the Democratic principles we have fought for. 

Until election time comes around, we must be vigilant and be aware of what our elected officials are up to. There will be decisions on significant issues that make it imperative for us to be informed.


Over the next several months, county planners will be holding meetings and discussions concerning Harford Next, the Glassman administration’s program for planning the future development of Harford County. Land use, zoning changes, and everything involved in how we will all be impacted by future development will be on the table. The problems we now face in the county all originated in decisions made years ago by elected officials. 

Route 924 Traffic Study

Emmorton Road (Route 924) is one of the most congested roads in central Harford and development pressures are higher than ever. A proposed Walmart Super Center 2 miles south of Bel Air will create a minimum of 10,000 additional cars a day on this road. It’s bad now, so what can be done to keep it from getting worse.

The Development Envelope

Current land use plans and zoning allow much more development than is already in existence, yet there is constant pressure by the development industry to expand the boundary. 


Storm Water Management

Our elected officials repealed the Storm Water Management fee, but they are still obligated to pay for mitigation. That means they eliminated a funding source and will have to use general funds that would normally go to education, public safety and parks and recreations.