The Trump administration recently rolled back a ban on bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides. Now it's possible for these toxic pesticides to be used in wildlife refuges. It’s a disaster for pollinators, people and the environment.

The Senate could stop this rollback of protections for bees. But we need your help to urge it to act!

Tell your Senators: Don’t let the Trump administration gut protections for bees from toxic pesticides!

The Fish and Wildlife Service's 2014 decision to phase out the use of bee-killing neonic pesticides was a critical step in helping protect bees and other pollinators that are essential to our food system.

Now, the Fish and Wildlife Service is trying to undo that phase-out. And it’s doing so despite research that confirms that neonicotinoid pesticides kill and harm bees and other pollinators like butterflies and birds. This poses a serious threat to our food supply, public health and environment.

The European Union recently voted to ban all outdoor uses of bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides. Canada will phase out most outdoor and agricultural uses of these pesticides. And Maryland and Connecticut have already passed state bills to ban consumer use of them. Plus, cities, counties and major retailers across the country are committing not to use or sell bee-killing neonics.

There is no reason that the Fish and Wildlife Service, which is tasked with protecting wildlife, should clear the way for bees to have even more exposure to these toxic pesticides.

Demand that your Senators stop the Fish and Wildlife Service from poisoning bees with pesticides!

The only reason to roll back these protections is so pesticide companies like Bayer and Monsanto can make more profits. In fact, the agency’s own leaders think it’s a bad idea. When the Fish and Wildlife Service originally announced this ban on neonics, the chief of the refuge system wrote, "neonic-treated seeds can affect 'non-target' species and would therefore be phased out of use in wildlife refuges."

Now, the agency is abandoning its own analysis that these pesticides are toxic to bees and wildlife and have no place in a refuge system.

The mission of this agency is to protect and conserve wildlife, plants and their habitat for the continuing benefit of the American people. It should be strengthening our regulations, not weakening them to make it easier for wildlife to be exposed to toxic pesticides. We need your help to push Congress to hold the Fish and Wildlife Service accountable.

Tell your Senators: Defend protections for bees and other wildlife from toxic pesticides!