MD Democrats in the News

March Message: ‘We Have to Vote’. As a prelude to the March for Our Lives, hundreds of students, parents and teachers jammed into the Silver Spring Civic Building for a rally in advance of descending on downtown D.C. for the March for Our Lives.  My MC Media

Omnibus bill draws praise for $380M toward election security, criticism for including CLOUD Act. Lawmakers applauded the inclusion of $380 million for election security in the FY2018 Omnibus Appropriations Act passed by the House Thursday, but called the funding just the beginning while rights activists expressed dismay that the CLOUD Act tacked onto the end of the bill. SC Magazine

Federal jurors get their first raise in nearly 30 years. Compensation for jury service at federal courts around the country had languished 28 years without an increase, starting at a $40 daily rate that jurors in the nation’s capital recently called “abysmal,” below the federal minimum wage and a hardship. Washington Post

U.S. Sen. Cardin Talks Gun Control Following Great Mills Shooting. U.S. Senator Ben Cardin, a Maryland Democrat, was giving a speech in Washington about water infrastructure when he learned of the Great Mills shooting this past Tuesday. WCBC

Democrats attack Trump's choice John Bolton as 'reckless partisan'. Donald Trump’s selection of John Bolton as his new national security adviser has prompted alarm in Washington, with skeptics expressing concern at the prospect of an unwavering advocate of military action shaping the president’s national security policy. The Guardian

Sen. Ben Cardin: “Moral Direction of America Is Being Challenged”. U.S. Senator, Ben Cardin (D-Md.), made a stop at Baltimore’s New Shiloh Baptist Church March 26 to talk to the Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Baltimore & Vicinity about the work he said still needs to be done. The AFRO

‘Dreamers’ are furious Trump is trying to blame Democrats over immigration. America’s so-called “Dreamer” immigrants and supportive lawmakers were left fuming and fearful Friday after anti-deportation measures were left out of a federal spending bill signed by President Donald Trump. Raw Story

New federal budget keeps funds for Bay Program at steady level.Congress rejected the Trump administration’s call to eliminate funding for the Chesapeake Bay Program — or make other steep environmental cuts — and instead voted to maintain steady funding levels for the state-federal partnership. Bay Journal

Maryland Legislature passes automatic voter registration. Maryland’s Democratic-controlled legislature on Wednesday approved a measure to automatically register eligible citizens to vote when they interact with certain state agencies. The Hill