APRIL 13, 2018

Kathleen Matthews


Maryland Democratic Party.

Democrats at Work!

Message from the Chair

Dear John,

This week the 2018 Maryland General Assembly came to an end after Democrats scored many legislative victories for Maryland families.  In 90 days, our legislators:

Protected affordable healthcare by stabilizing Maryland’s health insurance markets
Invested in education by placing a constitutional amendment on the November ballot that will increase public schools funding by $500 million per year through gambling revenues
Made community college more affordable for Maryland families
Stood up for workers against Republicans’ attacks on organized labor and by overriding Hogan’s veto to give 700,000 Marylanders access to safe, earned sick leave 
Made investments to help rebuild Baltimore
Took action to prevent gun violence and our communities safe

Meanwhile Larry Hogan spent the session posturing, campaigning and attempting to run away from his Republican record.  Hogan has seen the polls that show less than half of all Marylanders want to give him a second term, that he has a growing gender gap, and that his real record is a turn-off for Maryland voters.  Hogan’s empty talk of bipartisanship and his attempts to paper over his record did not work during the legislative session, and it will not fool voters in November.

Click here to read a memo prepared by the party on how Hogan’s attempts to rewrite history have fallen short.  

As we finally welcome spring weather, enjoy your weekend knowing that your Maryland Democratic Party will continue holding Hogan accountable for his record as we move toward Election Day.


Kathleen Matthews