JANUARY 19, 2018

Kathleen Matthews


Maryland Democratic Party.

 Super-Volunteer of the Week

This week’s super-volunteer is Yolanda Regina Appiah-Kubi from Prince George's County.  Yolanda has joined us on many canvasses in Prince George's County and below she tells us why she thinks volunteering is vital.

Why are you a Democrat?

I think the Democrats care about the common man, the person who has needs. Basically we are not the ones in the 1%. I think about housing, economic needs, and public schooling, because I went to public school and my daughter went to public school. I think they’re important because I'm an educator.

Why do you volunteer and why do you think it’s important?

I think that our governor, who is not a horrible person, should be a one term governor. I think that I wanna see another Democrat in there, and I volunteer to help make sure that we do all we can do make that possible. 


Dear friends,

Tomorrow will be the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, and who will forget his inaugural address description of a dark, divided and unrecognizable America.  It was a grim foreshadowing of his first year in office.

But the next day, millions of women responded by filling the streets of cities around the world with one inspiring message: Donald Trump does not represent us. I was among them, and will never forget our optimism and resolve to take back our country

It is clear that last year’s march was the beginning of a movement.  In the first year under Trump, women are running for office in record numbers, the Resistance defeated efforts to repeal Obamacare, and there is a Blue Wave cascading over every Republican on a ballot in 2018.

Please join me and the Maryland Democratic Party tomorrow at this year’s Baltimore Women’s March to continue this tradition of resistance.  We are proud to be a sponsor of this year’s march to stand with women for a day of action, solidarity, and resistance.  We will begin with a rally at the War Memorial Plaza at 11:00am, followed by a march to McKeldin Square at 12:30pm. If you would like to join the Maryland Democratic Party contingent, we will be meeting at the corner of N. Gay and E. Fayette St at 10:45am.



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