Message from the Chair

If there's one thing we learned in the Maryland 2014 Gubernatorial election and the 2016 Presidential election, it is that every vote counts!

With higher turnout from Democratic voters in those elections, we would not be in the devastating situation we face today. We have a selfish President who cares more about his own bank accounts than the well-being of hard-working American families. And we have a governor who is focused on his own re-election instead of creating jobs with good pay, improving our schools, and protecting our environment.

On Tuesday, September 26, we have the opportunity to show our new resolve on National Voter Registration Day. The DNC and state parties are making it a national day of action to Rise and Organize!  

The national goals from the DNC are to hold events in every state highlighting the importance of voter registration or promoting voter protection work, and to register thousands of voters that day online and in person.

Here's how you can help:

Work with your Democratic clubs to organize a voter registration drive that day and start to schedule volunteers for shifts. Reminder that high traffic areas with foot traffic are better than door to door.

Colleges and universities are a great place to host voter registration drives. Team up with Young Dems or student orgs.

Our state requires a certification to register voters – but it’s just a short training. Get certified yourself, or better yet, schedule a group training in your area. For more information, contact MDP at

Work with the MDP communications team to promote your work on voter registration or voter protection. Send information about your event to ahead of time and share your photos with us after the event.

We can do this together!

Kathleen Matthews

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2017

Kathleen Matthews


Maryland Democratic Party.