OCTOBER 12, 2018

Kathleen Matthews


Maryland Democratic Party.

A Preview Of What's To Come

Message from the Chair

With Election Day quickly approaching, we are seeing hard evidence that Democrats are turning energy into action towards a Blue Wave.

According to the Maryland State Board of Elections, as of this Tuesday we have seen a huge surge in absentee ballot requests, mostly from Democrats who didn't vote in 2014. 

One month before Election Day, 70,374 voters have requested absentee ballots—a huge 96% increase over the 35,960 requested ballots at the same point in 2014. 65% of these requests came from registered Democratic voters, 60% from women, and 54% from Democrats who didn’t vote 4 years ago.

That sounds to me like a Blue Wave!!

This surge matches everything I’ve seen on the campaign trail over the past year. Marylanders are frustrated by the uninspiring results under Larry Hogan, and are eager for Ben’s Jealous’ bold, courageous vision to move Maryland forward by fully funding our public schools, implementing Medicare-for-All, raising the minimum wage to $15, and creating new jobs. Voters want to support Democratic up and down the ballot to make the lives of Marylanders better... and best!

This surge in absentee ballot requests is just a preview of what’s to come on Election Day—when one million Democrats will turn out in force to propel our movement to victory. But we need your commitment and time in the next three weeks to join a canvass at of one of our 24 campaign offices located in every part of the state. To sign up for a canvass or GOTV, click here.


Kathleen Matthews