August 10, 2018

Kathleen Matthews


Maryland Democratic Party.

A Bold New Vision For Maryland's Economy

Message from the Chair

Dear John,

While the American economy is booming, Marylanders are missing out. Under Governor Larry Hogan, Maryland is losing business opportunities to rival states, suffering from stagnant wages, and has a job growth rate that’s dead last in our region. The economic indicators couldn’t be more stark. It’s clear that while Hogan cherry-picks data on jobs to misinform voters, the vast majority of Marylanders are no better off than they were four years ago.

As we move closer to election day, we want you to be able to talk with your friends and neighbors about the important choice facing Marylanders this November, and this week we are focusing on the economy where Hogan’s claims couldn’t be further from the truth.

Larry Hogan campaigned on the slogan that “Maryland is open for business.” Under his failed leadership, our state has been closed for business. We need a governor who has a plan to invest in and build up the middle class. Larry Hogan, more than three years in, has no plan, while Ben Jealous has bold ideas to boost wages, reduce family debt and move Maryland towards economic prosperity.

As a businessman and civil rights leader, Ben Jealous knows how to build an economy that will work for all of us. As Governor, he will work to raise the minimum wage to $15, increase funding for training and apprenticeship programs to tackle chronic unemployment, and create good jobs with a 21stcentury transportation plan.

With Ben’s bold vision for our state, we can build an economy that meets the needs of all Marylanders. I couldn’t be more excited for the future ahead.

Check out and please share our new graphic that outlines the stark differences between Larry Hogan, and Ben Jealous who wants to build ladders of opportunity for more Marylanders.

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Kathleen Matthews