NOVEMBER 17, 2017

Kathleen Matthews


Maryland Democratic Party.

Message from the Chair

Dear friend,

While our victories across the country earlier this month buoyed our spirits, it was also a flag post that we now have less than one year left until Election Day.

With that next election approaching, our job is to talk to people about Governor Larry Hogan and his record as our Governor, and how Maryland could be doing better with different leadership.  In the coming weeks, look here for important information about Hogan’s abysmal record to share with your friends and neighbors.

Today’s jobs report, where the state lost 5,500 jobs last month, is a good place to start. Marylanders are falling behind their neighbors in Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania on wage growth.

Or transit, where today the Baltimore region received its second consecutive “D” grade on the Maryland Transportation Alliance’s Transportation Report Card.  The grade is based on low scores on the 12 indicators of a healthy transportation system, including a “F” grade for the system’s ability to provide access to jobs and an “F” grade for cost.

This about more than getting to work on time, this is about Marylanders’ ability to lift themselves out of poverty and into the middle class.  The Baltimore Red Line project alone, which Governor Hogan cancelled in 2015, would have spurred nearly $2 billion in economic activity in Baltimore and created thousands of jobs.

Instead of delivering on promises to reduce gridlock and create new jobs through infrastructure investment, Governor Larry Hogan’s transit program has been a broken down car waiting for a tow, and Baltimore residents are stuck in the back seat paying the price for Hogan’s failures.

Join me to help elect a governor who will pay attention to the needs of every citizen, every city and every county in our state.


Kathleen Matthews

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