Hello Legislative Friends!

Below are the upcoming hearings for the next two weeks.  Hope you can make it to Annapolis for at least a few of them.  However, if you can't get to a hearing to testify, you can fill out our testimony form (mdlegislative.com/submit testimony) PRIOR TO THE HEARING and email it to the bill's sponsor and your legislators.

Just a note about hearings.  This week will be a HUGE week for hearings.  The following week, you will see hearings drop off abruptly, because the cross-over date is March 18th.  By that date, bills need to have a vote to cross over to the other house, so there are way less hearings that week and a lot more voting.  If a bill doesn't have a hearing scheduled by now, it likely will not pass.  Only seven of the bills we are watching do not have hearings scheduled.  Four of them are stuck in the Rules Committee because they were late and will likely not ever get out.

HEARINGS THIS WEEK (Big Hearings are in RED):

HB0043 - Congressional Redistricting and Apportionment
HB0067 - Potomac Compact for Fair Representation

MARCH 5th 
SB0516 - Clean Energy Jobs Act 
HB0782 - Criminal Procedure - Motion to Vacate Judgement - Human Trafficking (True Freedom Act of 2019)
HB0913 - Correctional Facilities and Police Officers - Procedures - Immigration Status 
HB0983 - Public Safety - Investigation of an Officer- Involved Death (Law Enforcement Trust and Transparency Act)
HB1014 - Campaign Finance - Disclosure of Donations - Reporting Requirements
HB1017 - Maryland Small Donor Incentive Act
HB1130 - Election Law - Campaign Contributions - Prohibition
HB1165 - State Government -Government Agents - Requests for Use of Immigration Status Information
HB1262 - Human Relations - Employment Discrimination and Discrimination in Housing
HB1273 - Immigration Enforcement - County Boards of Education, Public Institutions of Higher Education and Hospitals
SB0350 - Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard - Tier 1 Eligibility
SB0417 - Vehicle Laws - Ethnicity-Based or Race-Based Traffic Stops - Policy and Reporting Requirements

HB0768/SB0759 - Prescription Drug Affordability Board (both Senate and House bills)
HB0532 - Blueprint for Solar Energy in Maryland
HB1096 - Criminal Procedure -Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits - Analysis
HB1233 - Environment - Reduction of Lead Risk in Housing
HB1253 - Environment - Drinking Water Outlets in School Buildings - Elevated Levels of Lead and Grant Program
SB0739 - Child Advocacy Centers - Expansion
SB0802 - Maryland Health Insurance Option (Protect Maryland Health Care Act of 2019)

HB0355 - School System Ethics and Transparency Act of 2019
HB0669 - Pipeline and Water Protection Act of 2019
HB1000 - School Maintenance Incentive Funding Act of 2019
HB1267 - Licensing and Regulation - Unpaid Fines or Failure to Appear - Penalties

HB1158 - Clean Energy Jobs Act 
SB0520 - Community Solar Energy Generating Systems Pilot Program - Extension


March 11th
Pilot Program - Alleged Rape, Sexual Offense, or Child Sexual Abuse - HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis

March 12th
State Budget
Department of Housing and Community Development - Social Housing Act of 2019
Public Safety - Handgun Permit Review Board - Repeal

March 13th
Task Force on the Premature Discharge of Patients with Substance Use Disorders
Unaccompanied Minors in Need of Shelter - Consent to Shelter and Supportive Services
Task Force on Educational Outcomes of Pregnant and Parenting Students in High School and GED Programs
County Boards of Education - Equal Access to Public Services for Individuals with Limited English

March 14th
Public Health - State-Provided Health Care Benefits
Public Health - Healthy Maryland Program - Establishment
Occupational Licenses or Certificates - Application Determinations - Use of Criminal History
Hospitals - Emergency Departments - Identification, Treatment, and Rescue of Human Trafficking Victims 


March 4th 
           - ACLU - Trust Act, Dream Act, Women's PreRelease and more
March 6th
           - Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform - Women's Prerelease, Citations in Lieu of Arrest
March 13th
           - Maryland NOW - HIV for Rape Victims, Prescription Drug Affordability, and more
March 19th
           - Jobs Opportunities Task Force - Women's Prerelease Centers, Criminal Expungement and more

Thank you for your support of this positive legislation!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at mdlegislativecoalition@gmail.com.

The Maryland Legislative Coalition Committee