Today, the House of Delegates joined the Senate in passing the Fix the Fund Act! That means that voters in November will decide on a constitutional amendment that would add $500 million permanently to school funding.

That’s big—it’s not every year that we can amend our state’s constitution to increase school funding by $500 million! 

Thank you to every one of you who called and emailed your legislators, and especially to the more than 1,000 educators who came to Annapolis for our March to Fix the Fund.

While I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished, our work isn’t over.

Passing the Fix the Fund Act is just the first step in getting our students the resources they deserve and ending the $2.9 billion annual underfunding of our schools:

1. January - April 2018: Pass the Fix the Fund Act through the General Assembly DONE!

2. April - October 2018: Secure bold Kirwan Commission recommendations for a new state funding formula

3. November 2018: Pass the Fix the Fund constitutional amendment and elect pro-public education candidates in the 2018 election

4. January - April 2019: Pass a new and improved school funding formula in the 2019 General Assembly session

We’ve shown what we can do when we’re organized and mobilized for action. We can’t stop now! We need your help to make sure that we win at the ballot box in November—and can hold elected officials accountable for ending the underfunding of Maryland’s public schools. Click here to help out and make sure we’re as successful on the next steps as we have been on the first one.

Thanks for speaking up. Your activism makes a difference!

Betty Weller
MSEA President