President Steve Johnson opened the meeting at 7:01 pm
Johnson led those present in a pledge to the flag.
President Johnson thanked everybody for coming out and encouraged everyone to urge friends to come out and join with others working for our political future. He asked those present to stand and introduce themselves
Johnson recognized Karen Kukuran, guest speaker for the night, and Carlos Taylor, who has filed for the Democratic nomination for State's Attorney.
Treasurer George Harrison submitted the financial report. Johnson asked for and received unanimous approval.

He asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the June meeting. Approved unanimously. There was no meeting in July.

He asked for reports for any other clubs but none was present.
Member Larry Delprete was recognized and reported that he had tried to attend a meeting of the Harford County Democratic Central Committee at the Sheriff's office in Edgewood, but no one showed up. He said the Deputy on duty said there had been no meetings since April. Delprete expressed concern that the Democratic Party's official representation in the county had failed to do its duty.
Harrison noted the Central Committee is a state organization and the state party should be made aware of this situation.

Johnson said he would investigate the situation, and there would be more discussion with the party chairperson who is the speaker at the club's September meeting.
Johnson asked for committee reports.
Voter Registration: Art Helton, who chairs the voter registration drive, is under the weather this evening and will make a report at the next meeting.
Fund raising: Johnson noted that plans for fund raiser in the all is still in the works and more information will be forthcoming in future meetings.
Membership: Johnson noted that an additional mailing went out in June and several new members signed up. That will be an ongoing effort.
Issues and Legislation: Harrison noted that the current issue with the County Council is rezoning legislation now before the council. The club will keep tabs on the efforts.

Johnson introduced an additional candidate for congressional District 1, Michael Pullan, lawyer from Easton and a former county attorney for Talbot County. He said he was interested in improving opportunities for citizens to find better jobs, and better opportunities for higher education. He said it would be a tough race against Republican Congressman Andy Harris and he is asking for support from club members.

Johnson introduced the speaker for the evening, Karen Kukuran, a former aide to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She had her own public relations firm, dealing with many large corporations and was involved in the Rose Bowl parade. She is an active Democratic who has become involved with the "Together we will" group in Harford County.

She summarized much of the problems facing the American electoral system including Russian hacking of our election systems in many states and the release of hacked emails during the past election. She said the Democratic Party is a microcosm of America and that diversity is its strength. But it is also a weakness. The problem is that the party is fractured. "We stand for everything that is right and the Republicans attack us for it. The election was a wakeup call. Under Obama we became complacent. It wasn't until he was gone that we realized that. Women who voted for Trump, voted against everything we have worked for. You haven't come a long way baby."

She went on to describe the many programs put in place by Democrats and the Republican efforts to destroy them. She said it is time we pulled together to fight back, that unity is stronger than any individual.

Much discussion from the floor ensued.

Johnson thanked her for coming and initiating an important discussion.
Johnson then invited Allison Galbraith, who has announced as a Democratic candidate to run against Republican Andy Harris, to make a few comments.
Johnson thanked everyone for attending and adjourned the meeting at 8:06 p.m.
Submitted by George Harrison, Acting Secretary.

Suzanne R. Schlattman, MSW, MPH
Deputy Director for Development 
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