New Harford Democratic Club
Monthly Meeting
Holiday Inn Express
1007 Beards Hill Road
Aberdeen, MD  21001  
August 2, 2017
7:00 p.m.
Karen Kukurin (Democrat) served as Deputy Director for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ms. Kukurin was the head of her own Beverly Hills based public relations firm. She also served as Assistant Public Relations Director for the Tournament of Roses Association. 
Karen is now a resident of Bel Air. 






President Steve Johnson opened the meeting at 7:01 pm

Johnson led those present in a pledge to the flag.

President Johnson thanked everybody for coming out and encouraged everyone to urge friends to come out and join with others working for our political future. He asked those present to stand and introduce themselves

Johnson also recognized Del Mary Ann Lisanti .Johnson also recognized Jason Robertson who recently won a seat on the Havre de Grace Council. Dave Fang county coordinator for candidate for congress Allison Galbreath was also introduced.

Treasurers report from George Harrison. He reported the current operating account has $23,388.04. Motion to approve passed unanimously.

He asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the May meeting. Approved unanimously.

He asked for reports for any other clubs but none was present.

Johnson asked for committee reports.

Voter Registration: Art Helton said voter registration was about to get underway. The target area is the Abingdon area which is in part of the 1st District. He noted that Republican Andy Harris, a Freedom Caucus member, will be challenged in the next election by one of the club’s members, Allison Galbreath.  He noted that the area still has a large number of unregistered younger voters who need to be targeted.

Membership: George Harrison reported that the club recently sent out a mailer to encourage renewal of members. He noted that the club membership has increased over last year to about 200 members.

Issues: George Harrison noted that the county rezoning process is underway and there are public hearings being held. He noted that this is an opportunity for the public to have a say in how the county will develop in the next few years. He said one of the areas where the community is concerned is a parcel on route 152 between Harford Rd and Connelly Rd. He said this is an opportunity for citizens to learn and make their feelings known. He urges everyone to check the county website to see the proposed zoning changes.

Website: Jack Barham noted that postings are made daily. He said the latest news on form FBI head James Comey had been put on the website and that he regularly adds information from the Galbreath campaign. He also noted that he had signed up to ask a question Congressman Harris but that he was never called on. His question was about the voucher proposals but Harris apparently saw fit not to respond. He also noted that Harris was unhappy with the large turnouts for his in person meetings and declined to say if he would be having any more in the future.

Johnson then introduced Doug Gansler, former Attorney General, who has expressed interest in running for Governor.

Gansler said the two things going for Democrats is Trump and the large Democratic registration.

Gansler noted that he had been in public service for 24 years and has been out of for 2 years. In his last race he got 1.3 million votes. In the last election for governor there just more than 800,000. That’s a big loss. The African American vote did not turnout…the issues not pertinent to that group. The other group was middle class working white voters, who did turn out but voted for Hogan. How do we get those people back to the Democratic Party.

Hogan has been very disciplined. He has not mentioned Trump and has distanced himself from the President. Gansler then asked what do we know about Hogan. He listed three things: He beat cancer, lowered tolls, moved back the school opening dates, all positive with the public, things people remember. Most people consider him a good guy, good governor. How do you run against him?

One issue, the health care debate, the Republican position is untenable. His opposition to the sick leave bill. And the environment. All issues favoring Democrats.

As for himself, what does he want to do? He still has a yearning for public service, concerns for our younger people and he wants to do something about it. But as he looks at it right now, running against a well-funded Hogan campaign is not encouraging. But the party is going through a metamorphosis. Just where are we going as a party, he asked. It’s a tough road to navigate.

A question and answer session then ensued.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:24p.        

Submitted by George Harrison, Acting Secretary.


Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, June 7, 2017



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