Minutes of the New Harford Democratic Club
Wednesday, June 6, 2018 at the Aberdeen Holiday Inn Express
President Steve Johnson opened the meeting at 7:05 pm
Johnson greeted those attending, noting it is the 74th anniversary of D-Day.  He then introduced Bob Greene, who lead everyone in a pledge to the flag.  
Johnson asked those present to stand and identify themselves.  Candidates attending were: Mike Pullen-US House District 1; Mary Dulaney-James; Mary Ann Lisanti-Maryland House District 34A; Frank Hines-County Council President; Jowanda Lucas, Adam Hiob, and Mike Bracknell-all running for Democratic Central Committee [DCC].  Steve asked each to limit remarks to 10 minutes + questions and for all to be polite listeners.
Treasurer George Harrison submitted the financial report.
Johnson asked for and received unanimous approval.
Steve asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the May meeting. Approved unanimously.
Chair asked for a motion to approve a $500 sponsorship of the June 9 DCC event at Bulle Rock.  Moved, seconded and approved w/o further discussion.
Candidate Forum:
Mike Pullen-Congressional District 1:  Mike is a longtime Eastern Shore resident; Graduate of UMES and Salisbury U.  His credentials include: Public Defender in Easton and County Attorney.  He developed Bay Protection policy and is endorsed by the Sierra Club.  He kept a hospital in the Mid-shore region.  He was on the 2016 ballot as a delegate.  He organized a grass roots town hall with Andy Harris, after which he decided to run.  He supports-Universal Health Care [e.g., Medicare for all] because Medicare is one of the true successes of our government.  He wants to lower drug costs, presently 43% of $$ go to admin and profit for drug manufacturers.  He will protect Medicare and Social Security and fight cuts to social safety net to cover deficits from Trump tax cuts.  "The Promise of America is drowning" under Trump administration policies.
Mary Dulaney-James-Maryland Senate District 34: She served 4 terms in Maryland House with no "D" Senator to work with.  She aims to be that person.  Helped pass "Thornton" funding for which used to be a priority but is falling now.  She worked to expand healthcare for children; sponsored anti-gang legislation.  She has a record of support for Chesapeake Bay cleanup, going from an "F" to a passing grade.  She is a Harford County native with a legacy of public service and success and will resist the current policy direction of administration. She supports the Kirwin Study findings on higher education.  She sees that the economy, jobs, education and health care are all related to a better quality of life.  Need to create the right jobs; e.g., by leveraging the technology jobs at APG.  She would create an Additive Manufacturing Council [RAMP MD} to facilitate Technology Transfer from gov't to private sector.  Her vision is to "Move Harford County and Maryland forward."

Mary Ann Lisanti-Maryland House District 34A: Mary Ann started by congratulating our membership for an SRO turnout and noted that she is the lone "D" in our 38 to1 "R" to "D" state delegation.  One of the key issues she sees coming up for Maryland "D's" is Green Energy.  She sees most issues facing our district/state crossing federal, state and local levels of gov't.  We must work together to fix these problems-cannot work in isolation.  She passed 10 bill this session, most in the House, all without a "D" senator.  She was blocked frequently by Senate.  D's have only a 5 seat majority in House; need to help with that.  Paid sick leave was a key override of Hogan veto.  Sees 2018 as the most important election of our lives and she needs your vote and support to help.  We have an exceptional Democrat ticket this time.  "Democracy is NOT a spectator sport."
Frank "Bud" Hines-President, Harford County Council: VP for Technology for ADP and Broadridge Tech.  Has strong business background and experience.  Why is he running?  Dates to several years ago Jones Junction bought out Hinder and expanded. Joe Woods/council was no help.  He sued Harford zoning et. al and won.  He saw that Council was NOT listening.  He will listen; wants to bring greater transparency to local government.  E.G., tire pyrolysis plant approved for Rt.152 at Rt. 7.  Now it can burn tires to extract gas.  This is an ill considered location for this but Harford zoning approved with little "fanfare" of, apparently, discussion.  Also, why is teacher pay an issue in our community?  What happens to the County Exec's budgeted raise?  Need the council to explain to us all.  They need us.
Jowanda Lucas-DCC:  The DCC mission is to promote the "D" agenda and candidates.  She wants to take the DCC back to this core mission.  Sees transportation, jobs, the economy, education, civil rights and proliferation of guns as key issues for us.  She wants to assist FDCC with organizing and structure to achieve this.  A prior DCC member; has chaired local campaigns for Obama, Kwiesi Mfume and others.  A local candidate; Aberdeen's H.S., U of NC and Howard U. A long-time activist who will fight for Democrats and democratic issues.
Adam Hiob-DCC: A lifetime county resident, Aberdeen H.S. student leadership, currently Legislative Director for Del. Lisanti.  Young but has years of experience. He will stand up to "R" majority. DCC plan needs new faces and strategic plan for 2018.  "He has carried a lot of water for the donkey."
Mike Bracknell-DCC:  Working for the Saturday DCC event.  Glad to be able to attend NHDC meeting.  He "gets" the challenges faced by working families in our community.  Hails from a small town in N.C. - a poor and "red" mill town.  This gives him insight and understanding of working class issues-"that's me."  Works in Baltimore County office of special education.  Sees access to good, affordable education, K-12 & beyond, as key.
Thanks to NHDC for the forum and the sponsorship of DCC event.
Events and Announcements:
Chris Boardman, Chair, DCC endorsed a Precinct organization for 2018 to drive voter turnout and registration and coordinate Precinct volunteers.  Goal is to cover entire county, not just Rt. 40 corridor. Will have a get out the vote drive.  Steve has signup sheet.
Ryan Burbey, outgoing Harford County Education Accusation President.  The teachers need your help.  The issue is not so much county funding but the Board of Education inability to get the money to teachers.  Vote for Ben Jealous, he is the only one to beat Hogan. He passed around the HCEA candidates endorsement list.
Donna Kahoe, DCC:  Has tickets for June 9 event at Bulle Rock
June 30th; Unity and Community multi-cultural event, noon at Aberdeen Centennial; Park.
Johnson thanked candidates and noted that we need to support all our candidates and get out the vote in the primaries.  The club endorses after the primaries and may with funds and outreach on a 50% match basis in the General.  Also does voter registration and has a candidate's corner on the website. 
Announcements: Central Committee Dinner June 7, 6-10pm at Bulle Rock;.  Get your announcements to the Club to post on our website
Next meeting August 1, 2018
Meeting adjourned at 8:22pm.
Submitted by Secretary Barney Michel