Minutes of the New Harford Democratic Club
Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at the Aberdeen Holiday Inn Express
President Steve Johnson opened the meeting at 7:03 pm
Johnson greeted those attending and lead everyone in a pledge to the flag.  
Johnson asked those present to stand and identify themselves.  Candidates attending were: Larry DelPrete, Denise Perry, Haley MacDonald, Donna Kahoe, and Adam Hiob-all running for Central Committee; Chris Boardman-Sherriff; Allison Galbraith-1st Congressional District; Sarahia Ben-MD 34A; Winnie Roche-District F; Steve Johnson-MD34A; Barbara Kreamer-Senate 34.  Steve noted very few "D" primaries vs. "R's" and predicted a "blue wave" in October.
Treasurer report was approved.
Steve asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the April meeting. Approved unanimously.
Candidate Forum:

Alison Galbraith-Congressional District 1:  

Alison wants to replace Andy Harris; she supports workers issues; e.g., affordable health care for singles-Andy Harris is "OK" with gender-biased insurance rates.  She has a public policy background and is an acquisition program management professional.  She has a strong Federal/Dept of Defense background-she knows the system.  She is fighting the assumption that Andy is "...unbeatable in District 1.  He needs to be held to account."  She has made it a competitive primary and is seeing down ballot growth too.

Barbarea Kreamer-MD District 34 senate:  

Local, a lifetime resident of Aberdeen, farm family background with three generations in local politics.  She is running against Bob Cassilly as he is "Too out of touch." She supports school funding "equalized based on our county's wealth". Of the state's 24 subdivisions Harford County is 3rd from the bottom in local funding.  Supports the Kirwan Commission findings.  The challenges she sees for the next term are: Education for tomorrow; 34% of our suburban students are on FRLP; finding new sources of funds beyond property taxes for schools; what about casino dollars?  Need better MARC service. Supports: comparable worth pay-women still at 80% of men; FML for state/county workers; pro-choice.

Larry DelPrete-Democratic Central Committee: ‚Äč

PolySci graduate of U Delaware, MS from TU. Running to "energize" the committee".  A "D" activist for 50 years; RFK, McGovern,  Has a "bias for action" that he will bring to the committee.  Committee seems disengaged, need more activism and he will be first to start.  This is his first race since college.  Power to the people!
Johnson thanked candidates and noted that we need to support all our candidates and get out the vote in the primaries.  The club endorses after the primaries with funds and outreach on a 50% match basis in the General.  Also does voter registration and has a candidate's corner on the website.  Johnson then discussed club plan for targeting voter turnout in key districts vs. individual candidates at this time.  
Announcements: Central Committee Dinner June 7, 6-10pm at Bulle Rock; a Fish Fry this Friday for Sarahia Benn at 123 Mt. Calvary Church Rd., Aberdeen. Steve Johnson Fundraiser Friday, May 18, 6-8:30 at Holiday Inn Express.  Get your announcements to the Club to post on our website
Next meeting June 6
Meeting was adjourned at 8:12pm.
Submitted by Secretary Barney Michel

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