Patrick Firth

Supervolunteer of the Week

This week we’d like to highlight the great work of Devang Shah, Director of the Asian American Pacific Islander Diversity Leadership Committee. Below he tells us why he’s in the fight.

Why Are You a Democrat?

Today how could one not be Democrat? I am a Democrat because I believe in progress. Our nation moves forward with respect to the rights of Woman,  Minorities and Immigrants with Democratic policies. I am a Democrat because I want a future that will allow my three daughters to have adequate paid leave and health care to start a family while being able to control their body and raise their children in a clean environment without fear of being shot while attending school.  

Why is Volunteering Important?

Volunteering is important because political change requires contact. It is the grassroots activists who have the passion, drive and enthusiasm, whether this includes knocking on doors, making calls, or mobilizing others, that make the ultimate difference in our community.