I attended President Trump’s State of the Union address last night with an open mind. After our country (and Maryland workers) just endured the longest government shutdown in American history, I was hoping the president would indicate he’s willing to avoid another shutdown.

John, that didn’t happen.

Rather than pledge to protect workers, Trump gave the American people partisan talking points and stoked fear. Americans, especially federal workers, deserve better.

I’m demanding that President Trump stop using federal workers as pawns in his political game and commit to keeping the government open for business. Take a moment today, add your name to mine, and share our effort with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Maryland was the second-most impacted state by Trump’s shutdown. Marylanders were forced to file for unemployment benefits as they worried whether or not they would make rent or pay their mortgage. Trump’s shutdown harmed our economy and our national security - to do it again this month would be unconscionable.

We know federal workers aren’t the idle bureaucrats the president and his allies like to portray them as. They’re friends and neighbors, and Trump’s attacks and his shutdown are personal to us.

I helped raise two kids and am blessed with four grandchildren - I know a tantrum when I see one. Tell Trump to stop holding our federal workers hostage and keep the government open.