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AROUND THE STATE, KIRWAN TOPIC OF CONVERSATION: The Sun provides answers to some key questions about one of the most significant public policy issues in Maryland. Pamela Wood explains the state's ambitious education plan coming from the Kirwan Commission.

The New Harford Democratic Club Membership is calling for decisive action on the proposed Kirwan funding formula to support public schools in Maryland, reports The (Harford County) Dagger. The club specifically objected to a no vote from Harford County Executive Barry Glassman on the funding formula.

In Frederick County, the local state delegation and county officials recently sat down to discuss Kirwan education funding there, writes Steve Bohnel in Political Notes for The Frederick News-Post.

New Harford Democratic Club Calls for Action on Proposed Kirwan Funding Formula

NOVEMBER 14, 2019 
Entire news release was printed my Dagger

Barry Glassman took a walk when it came to future funding for Harford’s schools system.

The County Executive just couldn’t bring himself to vote for a proposed Kirwan Commission formula to raise the needed funds to boost education funding in the state. In fact, he didn’t vote at all.

Glassman serves as a member of the working group on the Kirwan Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, a group that has spent many months on a plan to return Maryland’s education system to the top ranks of the nation’s public school systems. 

The plan as presented to the last session of the Maryland Legislature had for the most part received high praise for its vision that many experts view as a model for other states to follow. The big question, of course, was how to pay for it, and that was what a workgroup was assembled to come up with recommendations.

After much discussion, the workgroup came up with a formula that would tie any increase in funding by local jurisdictions to the current maintenance of effort law. That means those who now spend more than the proposed formula will continue their annual funding to the school systems through the current maintenance of effort calculation law.

Jurisdictions, such as Howard and Carroll County fall into this category. Others including Baltimore City and Baltimore County, would see significant increases to comply with the proposed Kirwan formula.

Barry Glassman realized right away what that meant for Harford County where the administration has fallen short on funding the county school system. Under the formula the workgroup came up with, Harford would have to increase funding by $9.2 million by 2030. 

As Glassman is reported to have said, “There are winners and losers.” Yes, and the Harford public school students are the losers for the very reason that the county administration under his leadership has under-funded the Harford County Public School system during his term. 

So, when the workgroup decided to vote on the recommendations, they were approved 11-0, with only Barry Glassman and state Budget Secretary David Brinkley abstaining. 

This is no time for indecision. Our children’s future depends on decisive action that will propel Harford County and the State of Maryland to the educational top level.


The New Harford Democratic Club membership, at its meeting on November 6, 2019, approved the following statement  in support of the Kirwan Commission on Innovation and Excellence Excellence recommendations for the improvement of Maryland Public Schools.