This month, reporting showed that California has lost 86% of its monarch butterflies in the past year. Their numbers are down to less than 30,000 -- a drop from almost 10 million in the 1980’s.

This is just the latest evidence that monarchs are at risk of extinction. And it’s not just the butterflies -- this crisis could spiral to bug-eating birds and other species.

A key factor in the decline of monarchs is the massive increase in the use of glyphosate -- a.k.a. Monsanto’s Roundup®. It’s a simple formula: More Roundup® = less milkweed = fewer monarchs.

At Friends of the Earth Action, we’re working to get this toxic pesticide out of our food system.

While Roundup® is decimating our butterfly populations, it’s also harming our health. A jury recently found that Roundup® was responsible for a man’s terminal cancer and demanded the company pay millions in damages. And more than 8,700 people are suing Monsanto for causing their cancer.

But instead of reining in the pesticide industry, the Trump administration is ignoring the evidence that glyphosate is bad for our environment and health. Trump’s USDA and FDA aren’t even testing our food for this dangerous pesticide -- even though independent testing has found it in children’s cereals!

The evidence is clear -- we need to get Roundup® out of our agriculture and rapidly shift to organic farming. But we can’t do this without you.