Andy Harris spends more time in Congress spreading conspiracy theories and attacking our democracy than he does helping Marylanders in need — last week, he took it to a new low. 


In response to the January 6th insurrection, House Democrats passed a package to increase resources for the Capitol Police, make physical security-related upgrades, boost salaries for custodial staff, and allocate funds for a Capitol rapid response team. 


Harris voted against the package, turning his back on the hard-working Capitol staff and security who work to keep our democracy running. Earlier in the week, he voted against a bipartisan commission to investigate the insurrection and ensure it never happens again. 


Unfortunately, this implicit endorsement of the insurrection is not surprising. Harris has long backed the false claims that led to the January 6th insurrection and encouraged the heinous attack


After the Capitol attack, Harris continued to defend the former president, and even the rioters themselves. Despite seeing the destruction and harm his falsehoods wrought, he legitimized the attempted insurrection, voting and speaking against the certification of the Electoral College


This is absolutely unacceptable behavior for any elected official, and certainly one from Maryland. We’re going to do absolutely everything we can to beat Andy Harris in 2022, and we’re going to need your help to do it. 


If you haven’t signed up to volunteer in 2022, and to kick Andy Harris out of office, now is the time to sign up, and send a clear message that Maryland is better than this.