This email is for those who have requested an email ballot. If you are voting by mail-in ballot, or plan to vote in person, you can visit mddems.link/electioninfo for more information.

On September 24, The Board of Elections sent the first batch of email-ballots to domestic voters who requested a ballot via web delivery. If you requested an email ballot, expect an email from an address starting with “absentee” and ending with  “@marylandelections.us.” There will also be a number in the email address, followed by “.sbe.”

As an example: the email address could look like “absentee44561.sbe@marylandelections.us.” The email address may be different, as the State Board of Elections delivers electronic ballots through multiple different accounts to handle the volume.

For step by step instructions on how to download, print, and fill out your email ballot, click here. Before you fill out your ballot, please read all the instructions carefully.

You cannot submit your email ballot electronically. You must print your email ballot, and provide your own envelope - instructions for addressing the envelope are included with your ballot instructions. If you are delivering your completed ballot by mail, you must provide your own stamps. You also have the option of dropping off your completed ballot at a drop box location or to your local board of elections -- in these cases you do not need to provide postage. Visit https://iwillvote.com/votinginfo/MD/ or call 410-269-2840 to find out where your closest drop off site is located.

Do not forget, when you print your ballot, an oath will also be printed along with it. You must sign this oath, and include it in the envelope with your ballot. For a NON-email ballot, such as a mail-in ballot that is received through mail, this oath will be on the back of the envelope. 

Thank you,
Maryland Democratic Party