Yvette Lewis
Chair, Maryland Democratic Party

Larry Hogan’s governorship is creating a crisis in Maryland. Marylanders are desperate for leadership and Hogan has failed. Since the beginning of May, Hogan cut funding, ignored unemployment, and put prescription drug affordability in jeopardy.

During the legislative session, the Maryland General Assembly passed the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, a multibillion-dollar education reform plan that would increase Maryland state’s education spending over the course of 10 years. This included settling a 13-year lawsuit that would provide $577 million to Maryland’s HBCUs who have been underfunded for decades. In May, Hogan vetoed it. Not only did he veto the bill, on Friday, June 26th, Hogan announced a proposal for a $200 million cut to public school funding. Over the course of his governorship, he has refused to invest in education which has hurt not only our teachers and schools but more importantly our children’s quality of education.

Along with the veto of the Blueprint for Maryland’s future, Hogan vetoed the Prescription Drug Affordability Board and Fund, which would lower the cost of prescription drugs for Marylanders. He stated that it would raise taxes and fees on our citizens when many are out of work and struggling to get by. 

While he claims he wants to ease the financial burden for Marylanders, he refused to acknowledge the economic crisis that is unemployment. Four months into the pandemic, almost 850,000 Marylanders have filed for unemployment claims, and 48,000 new claims have been filed just this week.  

During Governor Larry Hogan’s six years in office, he reduced the size of the Department of Labor’s staff by 30%. The Department of Labor was unable to handle the number of unemployment claims with the reduced staff size. In May, Hogan ignored the pleas of thousands of Marylanders who were unable to receive their unemployment benefits claiming that the system has been fixed. Although the backlog of unemployment claims has been cut in half since May, there are still approximately 25,000 claims pending, some that have been pending since March. 

Hogan’s actions are inexcusable. Instead of parading in the media, Hogan should focus on prioritizing his citizens and their well-being. 

Thank you for your support,
Maryland Democratic Party