Yvette Lewis
Chair, Maryland Democratic Party

Who could have guessed in 2016 that America would be in the grips of a financial crisis and a global pandemic under President Trump’s leadership? Many people believed there was no way Trump would prevail on election night-- that America wouldn’t elect a racist, misogynist, and simple-minded reality TV sideshow to become President of the United States of America.

But it happened.

 Less than four years into his presidency, Donald Trump has proven himself to be the disaster we believed him to be. Trump was impeached; he’s destroyed the public’s trust in the press, the scientific community, and our federal government; and his abysmal handling of the covid-19 pandemic has put millions at risk and destroyed our financial markets.

Despite his unmitigated failure as President, he will ask Americans (with help from the Russians) for a second term in office in November.

Will you add your name to our pledge to defeat Donald Trump?

The America we knew under Obama has been destroyed. To rebuild it-- and to build upon it-- we must defeat Donald Trump in November!

Look at what’s happening. We cannot afford to have buyer’s remorse in 2020-- there’s simply too much at stake. We have to take back our Democracy when the time comes.

Thank you,
Eva Lewis
Executive Director, Maryland Democratic Party