Hello Legislative Friends!

Now that you've had a chance to digest our wrap up of wins and losses this session, it's time to look at how our legislators were voting on the bills that we were supporting.

The scorecards are up on our website -mdlegislative.com/2019.Legislative.Scorecards.  On that page, there is a summary of what we did with the scoring as well as the overall scores and grades for each legislator.  Please read the summary so you know what you are looking at with the scores and grades.  There is also a linked excel file that contains much more detail.  It has multiple tabs, which defines the methodology used for scoring and how the grades are derived.

Important technical notes -

when you click on the link to open the spreadsheet, it will show you a mostly blank page with a link that asks if you want to "Open this in a new window".  Click on that link to open the spreadsheet.  
the top rows of most of the sheets, and some of the columns should be frozen to help you view the spreadsheet better, but sometimes the spreadsheet does not show the rows and columns frozen.  You can download the spreadsheet and freeze them if this causes a problem. 

We scored almost 130 bills that we tracked and supported during the session.  All of the scores and grades are related to those bills.  We also scored the committees to show how they differ in terms of getting bills passed.  You can see that they are very wide apart in terms of how efficient they are and how many bills get lost during the process.  We feel that this is an important measure of the effectiveness of the leadership of those committees.

We hope that you enjoy the scorecards and want to thank you one last time for your support and your activism.  We will be busy between now and next session meeting with our activist partners and our legislators and we invite you to join us.  If you are interested in working with us in the 'off season', send an email to mdlegislativecoalition@gmail.com.  Finally, we will again have our Legislative Summit on the first Sunday in December, so mark December 8th on your calendar.

In solidarity,
The Maryland Legislative Coalition Committee