Minutes of the New Harford Democratic Club

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

at the Aberdeen Holiday Inn Express

Treasurer George Harrison opened the meeting at 7:18 pm. He welcomed the members and then led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary Barney Michel presented the minutes from the prior meeting, noting that a hard copy was available to circulate for review (in addition to the e-version sent to all members). Minutes approved without comment.

Treasurer George Harrison reviewed the financial report and provided a hard copy for the record. He noted that dues and new memberships are still coming in. Report approved.

Issue Survey: Wanda Boker
Wanda presented the outcome so far for the recent “Issue Survey” of our members, whichwas sent out with the last dues letter. We are still collecting replies. The survey is also on our Web site http://www.newharforddemocraticclub.org/ . The next step is to identify the main areas of concern. Top five to date are: jobs, cost of college, race relations, environment [includes Chesapeake Bay], and opiod addiction/crime; but there are manymore. Our goal is to give “D” candidates information on the issues that matter to our voters and warrant attention.
Q. Executive Glassman’s recent comments on education funding are a concern, can weengage across the aisle on this?
A. Some moderate Republicans maybe, but we have had little crossover so far. We need tobroaden our base in our county. To do this we need specific platform proposals. That’s part of the data from the survey; “What makes you [Democrats] unhappy?”
Q. What can we actually do?
A. Publicize issues, E.G., (What is) the cost to buy preservation farmland? We need to develop a realistic set of county-wide policies that can be acted on: E.G., Education funding, land use, funding priorities, et.al. We need your input. Jack (Barham) doing a great job weighting the responses for our use.

Fundraising: Donna Kahoe
The board discussed doing one or two big fundraisers/year. We are working to develop a late summer or early fall event with a nationally known keynote speaker. Target a Saturday late in the day. Tickets will be $50/ea. with a $10k goal. Sponsorship packages will be available. More details coming to our website soon.

Volunteerism: Christina Bracknell
I want to get us out into the community BETWEEN elections. What is a Harford Democrat? We need to build our brand. What do we stand for? Voter registration work is a good wayto get involved. There is also a “Habitat Build” June 29th. NHDC needs to partner with compatible groups. There is a Rally for Education May 9th. Many other community groups such as the VFW, American Legion, Susquehanna Greenway, local museums and environmental groups, center for youth jobs. We solicit ideas for partnering; there are many opportunities to be out in the community making a difference being (and being seen as) part of the solution.

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Open Discussion:
Race relations is a strong issue that we can address. Witness the election of the HouseSpeaker today. This was a true demonstration of “comity” (as it used to be practiced) as thetwo top candidates withdrew in favor of the third, the Speaker Pro-Tem, fully supporting her to alleviate a split decision. This compromise was facilitated by MDNC Chair Maya Rockymoore Cummings.

“Indivisible Effort” is asking all Democratic Candidates in the 2020 Presidential Election tosign a pledge to: 1. Maintain civility and comity, no “mudslinging.” 2. Endorse the primarywinner. 3. Fight Trump. 12 have signed so far. There is a parallel one for individuals.

Announcements/Closing Remarks:

  On May 6th the Havre de Grace City Council will vote a proclamation to oppose drilling in

the Chesapeake Bay.

  On June 22nd there is an LGBT event in Havre de Grace, the DCC will be there

  DCC will also have a presence at the Havre de Grace First Fridays this summer and will

be at the Harford county Farm Fair too.

  The Biden campaign has not yet set up a local presence.

Next meeting Weds, June 5th, 7pm at Aberdeen Holiday Inn Express – BRING A FRIEND! Adjourn: 8:03pm

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Barney Michel

Addendum to the Minutes:


Some members are not getting the emailed minutes. If you get your email through constant contact and have ever opted to not receive emails from NHDC the only way you can be reinstated is through your own actions via constant contact. If you are unsure, we can verify if that is the issue. The address may work and be a good address for other, regular traffic, but if you deleted it from receipt from constant contact the only way it can be restored is on your end. You must reinstate it yourself.