The recent increase in interest in running for Board of Education positions across this country can, in part, be attributed to more right wing candidates seeking these  positions. It is no secret these individuals, if elected, intend to push their party and individual agendas on our school systems. 

The headline in a recent article in the Baltimore Sun on March 18, 2022 stated, “Maryland suburban school board races ‘fertile ground’ for conservative activists angered by COVID-19 mandates. A commentary published in a SALON publication stated, “Stealth school board candidates are everywhere.”

Harford’s citizens witnessed, on August 16, 2021, how an unruly crowd with political and personal interests can turn a Board of Education meeting room into a battleground. Internal and/or external strife heaped on our Board members distracts from their duty to develop policies that govern school operations.

All the more reason to screen carefully the candidates’ campaign promises and reasons for running. Nation wide, voters are being cautioned to look out for slogans and campaign promises that “protect parent rights,” make schools more accountable,” and “transform the curriculum.” Most notably are comments that center around national issues such as race, LGBTQ issues,  COVID-19 and what children should read or be taught. 

Maryland Law requires candidates for Board positions to run on nonpartisan tickets. Any successful candidate that does not take that law seriously is just not being honest with the public.

Historically, in our county the number of votes for Board of Education candidates, compared to County Council candidates, have fallen far short. Although candidates in both groups run in each of the six county districts, the votes cast for Board of Education candidates in the 2018 election were approximately 7,000 less. 

It’s time to uncover the undercover candidates!