In the recent session of the Maryland General Assembly a bill, spearheaded by state senator Bob Cassilly, was passed into law that alters the way three members of the Board of Education are appointed. The Harford County Executive, with the approval of the County Council, will now appoint the members instead of the Governor.

It is no coincidence that Bob Cassilly is now running for the County Executive position. Just another Republican, under the table tactic, to stack the deck to control our public education system. He said it himself! In an Aegis article on April 14, 2022,“…it’s important to maintain local control as education continues to be standardized at the state level.” 

With this change will come obvious efforts to bring local political influence into the operation of our schools. The unruly crowd that interrupted the Board of Education meeting last year included two elected members of the Republican party. A Harford county councilman, also Republican, gave support to efforts to “cleanse” our school libraries of certain books including a Pulitzer Prize winner in 1988. 

Voters should  be aware right wing candidates, at the encouragement of Republicans, are running for Board of Education positions. Maryland Law  requires candidates for the Board run on nonpartisan tickets.  All the more reason for voters to  vote after carefully reviewing the candidates campaign promises, reasons for running, and their experiential backgrounds.

Whether elected or appointed, each member of the Board of Education, when they take their oath to serve, assumes the responsibility to uphold the values, beliefs and priorities of all citizens in their community regardless of political preference or individual interest. That means shedding  their party hat, otherwise they are not being honest with the public.

​Opinion Executive Committee NHDC