On Wednesday Governor Hogan directed the State Board of Elections (SBE) to hold in-person elections on November 3, 2020.

Rather than mailing ballots directly to every Marylander, he wants the SBE to mail applications for ballots to every voter. This is clearly a redundant and needlessly complicated process since Marylanders have the ability to request a ballot online or at their local board at any time before the deadline.

The Maryland Democratic Party and a growing consensus of elected officials, public health experts, and election experts agree that the upcoming Presidential General Election should be conducted by vote-by-mail with as many early voting and in-person voting locations as safety will allow.

Sign the petition to demand every Maryland voter be mailed a General Election ballot.

In a statement released by Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis, she disagreed with Hogan’s decision:

"We are living in a world where our entire way of life and economy can be wiped out in a matter of days. Why on earth would Gov. Hogan recommend that our public buildings be open and staffed for the general election, when we have no idea what our public health situation will be by the Fall? If the Governor insists on an in-person precinct-level election, then he must be held fully responsible for any and all poll-worker shortages; lack of PPE; or long lines associated with his decision. We must follow the advice of the scientists and public health experts."

The Primary Election, despite multiple setbacks, still resulted in record turnout! Maryland voters deserve safe and equitable access to the ballot-- and there is little evidence that Hogan’s decision will yield a safer, more cost effective, and higher turnout election in November.

We can-- and we must-- do better.

Thank you,
Maryland Democratic Party