Don’t let the Republican right wingers interfere with your freedom to vote. Last week a small group of hateful people showed up at the Harford County Board of Elections meeting intimidating those present and making false claims of voter fraud. 

Right wingers will do anything to intimidate Democrats and interfere with the voting process. The only way to counter their efforts is to GET OUT THE VOTE!  The more Democrats we get into office the more we will protect our human rights.

Republicans project the image of protecting citizens rights and liberty, but in reality they are slowly chipping away at our rights. They have stacked the Supreme Court with conservative judges, some of whom lied to congress about Roe vs Wade before they were appointed. 

They are trying to interfere with our public school systems, block efforts to a healthy environment, and limit our health care coverages. Our privacy 

is being threatened and our and our liberty is being eroded. More recently a Supreme Court Justice suggested they may even go beyond the marital door and control reproductive rights. 

You can fight back by making certain you, your family members, and friends are registered and prepared to vote in the Maryland Primary on July 19th.

Make certain you weed out the undercover right wing candidates in the 
Gubernatorial General Election on November 8th.

*All registrations and changes must be signed and postmarked 21 days before 

any Primary, General or Municipal Election. Cancellations can be made at any time. 

You can use this website to:

Register to vote in federal, state, county, and city elections in Maryland.
Request a mail-in ballot.
Update your registration if your name has changed or your address has changed. You can also update your registration
if you want to change to a new political party. Before we can update your registration, you must verify who you are by 
entering the required information.